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Software Engineer

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A dedicated software engineer with over a decade of experience designing, implementing, testing, and deploying Microsoft .NET applications. I have a passion for finding how software can meet the ever changing needs of a business to improve efficiency and profitability. With multiple years of experience in a leadership and mentoring role, I can help train and develop inexperienced engineers. I pride myself on being able to deliver quality code in a timely manner to push toward successful product deliveries.


Bentley Systems Inc.

Senior Software Engineer

  • Led migration of code from TFS to Azure DevOps git repository
  • Converted build process from project files to Azure Build Pipelines
  • Extended RESTful API to add features in support of cross-product interoperability
  • Developed messaging service using Azure Service Fabric to sync data across products in the same family
  • Key member of web development team building a React frontend and .NET 6 Web API backend
  • Developed and Designed Azure DevOps pipelines to manage and automate build and release processes across multiple Azure products
  • Created builds utilizing Docker images to create modular, scalable, and consistent environments
  • Experience with Octopus Deploy as part of a frequent and repeatable deployment process

Lucas Systems

Senior Software Engineer / Tech Lead

  • Responsible for leading members of the Application Development Team and Project Managers to design and deliver solutions to customers
  • Designed and developed enterprise mobility solutions using state-of-the-art technologies that operate on mobile devices and platforms
  • Worked with Project Managers and customers to gather requirements
  • Created functional and technical design for customer solutions
  • Developed specifications, performed code reviews, and provided technical documentation
  • Lead a team of software developers using Agile methodology
  • Provided solution installation and customer training
  • Supported the Software Services Team in troubleshooting and developing resolutions for existing client deployments

Keystone Dedicated Logistics

Senior IT Solutions Coordinator

  • Mentorship role for junior developers and interns
  • Work with logistics carriers to setup and receive EDI 210 and 214 files as well as ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) processes to import data into the company's ERP system
  • Query and chart data for client data analysis
  • Full Lifecycle development of a revenue generating web application utilizing the ASP.NET MVC Framework
  • Created a WebAPI RESTful web service for rate shopping a shipment across multiple carriers
  • Completed, maintained, and enhanced the company's internal ERP system using the WPF Framework and the Model-View-ViewModel pattern
  • Created an ETL application to load customer shipment data from multiple formats (csv, txt, xls, xml)
  • Integrated systems with 3rd Party RESTful APIs
  • Microsoft based Server Administration

KIT Solutions

Development Team Lead

  • Performed code reviews for other developers to ensure proper coding standards were met and to help unify coding style within the company
  • Was in charge of creating and maintaining 24 projects, collaborating with other departments, scheduling, and mentoring other programmers
  • Worked to perform proper abstraction of functionality from individual projects into a base framework

KIT Solutions

Mid-Level Software Developer

  • Upgraded projects from .NET 1.1 through .NET 4.0
  • Worked with Project Management and Quality Assurance teams to identify and debug Collaborated with management and Quality Assurance departments to identify and debug errors
  • Worked closely with Project Managers to estimate development time required for bugs and enhancements to plan releases to ensure contract requirements were met

KIT Solutions

Junior Software Developer

  • Experience with n-tier application development
  • Developed and implemented web pages to facilitate data collection and retrieval
  • Designed relational database structures to store and interact with data
  • Built data access and business logic classes to pass data between application tiers


Saint Francis University

August 2003 - May 2007

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Minor in Mathematics

Member of the Mathematics Honor Society Kappa Mu Epsilon.


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